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Oliver is a results focused Executive, Business and Career Transition Coach, empowering leaders, developing businesses, supercharging productivity and achieving personal success for his clients. He creates bespoke coaching programs for highly talented professionals, business owners and corporate companies who want to the get to the next level or feel overwhelmed by their current situation.

Oliver’s contagious motivation and energy helps pinpoint the challenges that are holding clients back and design a future so irresistible they are able to step over whatever is in their way. He supports and inspires them in taking the action required to create fundamental change, with the accountability to stick to it.

His coaching is enhanced by 13 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant and Financial controller in large international corporates. His experience of transforming business processes, managing and turning around complicated teams, makes him uniquely placed to support clients within high pressured environments to create their dream career, while optimizing performance and maintaining a healthy balance.

Oliver is a qualified CTI and career transition coach, that lives and breathes personal development, though he is English, he has never spoken a word of English to his children, only French and Spanish so they can be trilingual. As Toastmaster improvised speech champion 2017 for his local club, he has a focus on bringing out his clients’ authentic voice with confidence. Oliver is on a mission to find his clients zones of creativity, combining coaching with running to meeting in places of meaning to the clients, such as art galleries or places of natural beauty.

Location is no barrier to reaching your success, as Oliver works internationally over the phone, Skype and in person. Oliver offers a complimentary coaching experience, so he can demonstrate the results that his clients achieve.

To demonstrate the transformational effect on my clients, please see my LinkedIn recommendations.


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