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Here at BNI Elmbridge we have a comprehensive team of highly recommendable professional Lifestyle & Events business services from A-Z and they’re able to provide professional support across a variety of sectors to businesses of all sizes.

If you need help with YOUR own events, or you would like to find out how your own business can become part of our fantastic events & lifestyle services team, please feel free to check out the members’ details below and get in touch.

Alessandro Castellani


AC Studio

Mob: 07950 439 634

Andrew Wyborn

River Sports

Hampton Court Paddle Sports

Mob: 07730 898 802

Mike Daly

Mike Daly

Video Services

Great Video

Mob: 07785 961 604

Events Manager

Could this be you?


Could this be you?

Vehicle Hire

Could this be you?

Personal Stylist

Could this be you?


Could this be you?

Wedding Planner

Could this be you?

DJ Services

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If you’d like to find out details of some of our other “non-Lifestyle & Events services related” professionals,
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