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Josh SmithJosh Smith

Lindon-Travers Associates

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7, The Monument
45-47 Monument Hill
KT13 8RN

Tel: 01932 808 180
Mob: 07794 001379

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We believe that face to face is the best way for anyone to receive mortgage advice. Wherever possible we like to meet any new client initially, at which point we are able to collate details of their personal circumstances, which allows us to give the most accurate and relevant advice.

Lenders in the post credit-crunch era are required to lend prudently, which results in us being required to provide them with very robust data. Our team of administrators are highly trained in ensuring that the applications are submitted in a timely and accurate manner.

Throughout the process you are just one call away from our offices, where we can act as an interface between all the relevant parties eg lenders, solicitors, estate agents and surveyors.

Typically we are able to secure a fully underwritten mortgage offer from our lenders within 10 working days.

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We are currently holding a virtual meeting on Friday mornings at 6.45am.

If you would like an invite to the meeting please click the button below.