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Here at BNI Elmbridge we have a comprehensive team of highly recommendable professional Health & Wellbeing business services from A-Z and they’re able to provide trusted professionals to look after your body and your wellbeing.

If you need help with looking after your own health & wellbeing, or you would like to find out how your own business can become part of our fantastic health & wellbeing team, please feel free to check out the members’ details below and get in touch.

Andrew Wyborn

River Sports

Hampton Court Paddle Sports

Mob: 07730 89 88 02

Frank Coelho

Frank Coelho

Health Insurance


Mob: 07584 012 342

Luke Stapleton

Fitness Coach

Inferno Fitness

Tel: 01932 225209


Could this be you?


Could this be you?


Could this be you?

If you’d like to find out details of some of our other “non-Health & Wellbeing services related” professionals,
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