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Untangle Your Life

Claire DysonClaire Dyson

Untangle Your Life

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I’m a fully qualified, BACP Accredited, integrative-relational counsellor trained to work with individuals and couples using several methods (CBT, person-centred, psychodynamic, emotionally focussed therapy).

I work with individuals who:

  • Find themselves held prisoner by their way of thinking, feeling and/or behaving and are exhausted, fed up, have had enough of it (or of how people behave towards them).
  • Want to be free to enjoy their lives without, for example, crippling anger, anxiety, self-doubt, “overwhelm”, low mood, sadness, low self-esteem, loss or repeating the same “mistakes” over and over, powerless and baffled as to WHY they do it.
  • Know at a rational level what they want to do yet something inside seems to be fighting against / undermining / sabotaging their efforts.

I offer people the opportunity to be heard and to make sense of their life through providing a confidential, non-judgemental and supportive environment in which people gain insight into their problems then address and resolve them working through their feelings as we go.

In couples counselling we work on the relationship a couple have created between them aiming to, before it gets past the point of no return, identify and resolve the issues behind those eye-rolling “here we go again” moments which repeat like Groundhog Day.

I also have specialist training to help those baffled by overeating which feels compulsive, addictive even (often called things like comfort / emotional / binge, eating).

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We are currently holding a virtual meeting on Friday mornings at 6.45am.

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