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Pro-actions provide results focused business coaching. Our philosophy, and our approach to strategic decision-making, applies to all business sectors. But we don’t follow a set business coaching programme – we believe that every business is different, which is why we tailor our support to meet each business owner’s goals and budget.

Our approach:

Our purpose is to help SMEs achieve profitable growth, navigate through tricky situations and, over time, to install a sense of work-life balance.  We pride ourselves on giving business owners the help they need to work out what they want from their business and then we help make it happen.

Ways in which we engage with clients:
  • Retained advisory services – working alongside the business owner on a 1:1 basis to assist them with the performance and development of their business
  • Interim support – Taking on a specific role within the business to cover an identified gap
  • Project support – managing delivery of a specific business objective (e.g., launches, business planning, business structure, exit planning etc)
  • Workshops – our ‘mini MBA’ is a group learning series, run over 12 months, that covers all major areas of running an SME
  • Seminars – free to attend events that share information on key business topics

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We are currently holding meetings on Friday mornings at 6.45am.

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