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Fundamentally Fit

Andy StrongAndy Strong

Fundamentally Fit

Fitness Trainer

11 Russell Road
KT12 2JZ

Mob: 07787 786 459

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Why Fundamentally Fit will work for you

Fundamentally FIT typically helps two types of individual’s. Busy professionals who value their health and fitness but lack the time, accountability and knowledge to successfully utilize a gym based membership.

Secondly we cater for those individuals who simply do not thrive in the gym environment, yet still want to build confidence, make their clothes fit a little better and understand how to make improved health and fitness a lasting part of their lives.

Support And Encouragement

At Fundamentally FIT we listen and work to break down client barriers in a non judgmental environment.

Coaching For You

As an overweight teenager and somebody who has lacked confidence growing up I am uniquely positioned to help and relate to my clients needs.

Personalized Attention

The fact we are a small efficient business means that we can deliver a truly client focused service that bigger gyms and facilities cannot match.

See for yourself

We are currently holding a virtual meeting on Friday mornings at 6.45am.

If you would like an invite to the meeting please click the button below.